Lodge Fix-Up Award

Purpose: to recognize those lodges and building corporations who expend resources to beautify, restore, and improve their Masonic buildings.

“Master Craftsman”
to recognize those lodges and building corporations whose efforts have improved the overall appearance and aesthetic of their buildings. This award focuses primarily on non-structural improvements such as landscaping, painting (internal and external), residing, installation of molding work and wainscoting, new flooring, wall treatments, etc.

“Master Artisan”
to recognize those lodges and building corporations who have expended resources acquiring, conserving, and restoring their historic, antique, and important artifacts. This award focuses primarily on proper restoration and conservation of ephemera, books, furniture, furnishings, regalia, ornaments, fixtures, paintings, collectibles, and all other antique lodge heirlooms. This differs from the “Master Craftsman” award in that the emphasis is on preserving the original vintage characteristics of the items and not simply improving cosmetic appearance.

“Master Builder”
to recognize those lodges and building corporations who have undertaken capital improvements to their real property, to include structural, electrical, plumbing, and or mechanical upgrades to their buildings. Unlike the “Master Craftsman” or “Master Artisan”, this award is for renovation work that is less cosmetic and more substantive in nature. This award would include such projects as electrical system upgrades, plumbing upgrades, structural improvements and additions, HVAC systems, paving work, and new construction.

To Apply: the minimum application requirements for lodges and building corporations wishing to apply for one of these awards is a brief written explanation of the work done, accompanied by before and after photographs (although “during” photographs are also welcome).

All photographs will be returned to the lodge. The following additional information is also required:
For the “Master Artisan”: an explanation of the historical importance of the artifacts restored (if not obvious), their connection to the lodge (if not obvious), and the process of restoration along with the credentials of the conservator (if applicable).

For the “Master Builder”: a photocopy of the building permit (if required), blueprints (if used), and an explanation of the necessity of the project (i.e. “insurance required removal of knob-and-tube wiring” or “leaks necessitated roof replacement”).

Lodges and building corporations should feel free to include any additional information they feel is pertinent, such as:
Was the work accomplished primarily through the volunteer efforts of the brothers?
What are their names?
Were there special fundraisers held to raise the monies for the project? What were they?
Is this part of an ongoing capital improvement plan? What else is planned?
How will this benefit the lodge?

Submit your application packet to:
Grand Lodge of Connecticut
Attn: Lodge Fix-It Award
P.O. Box 250
Wallingford, CT 06492

** YES! The same project may qualify for two or even all three awards!! **