Landmarks of CT Masonry

The following are landmarks of Masonry, as recognized by the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Connecticut.

  1. Belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, in some revelation of his will, in the Resurrection of the Body and in the Immortality of the Soul.
  2. The obligations and modes of recognition and the Legend of the third degree.
  3. The necessity of a volume of the Sacred Law on the Altar.
  4. The symbolism of the operative art.
  5. That Masons must obey the moral law and the government of the country in which they live.
  6. That the Grand Master is Head of the Craft.
  7. That the Master is Head of the Lodge.
  8. That the Grand Lodge is the Supreme Governing Body within its territorial jurisdiction.
  9. That the Lodge has power to make Masons, and to administer its own private affairs.
  10. Under Connecticut Law, lawful age is 18 years. That every Candidate must be a man of at least eighteen years of age and under no restraint of liberty and well recommended.
  11. That no candidate can be received except by unanimous ballot, after due notice of his application and due inquiry as to his qualifications.
  12. That the ballot is inviolably secret.
  13. That no person can be installed Master of a Lodge unless he be a Past Warden, except by dispensation of the Grand Master.
  14. That the obligations, means of recognition, and the forms and ceremonies observed in conferring degrees are secret.
  15. That no innovation can be made upon the body of Masonry without the consent of the Grand Lodge having first been obtained.