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Not Just A Man. A Mason.

Now more than ever, the world needs men of honor and integrity. Men that unite and not those who divide. That seek truth and share Brotherly Love with all, no matter their race, religion, gender or creed. Men that live with virtue and character, always striving to be even better.

The world needs more than just men. The world needs Masons.

Grand Master's Message

Welcome to the Grand Lodge of Connecticut Website!

Here you will find information regarding the world’s oldest fraternal organization, Freemasonry. The first Grand Lodge was founded in England in 1717 and quickly spread around the world. The first Lodge in Connecticut was founded in New Haven in 1750 and has been in continuous operation for 272 years!

Freemasonry is an organization of men from all walks of life who have banded together for mutual improvement. We seek not to be better than others, but to help each other grow spiritually, morally, and intellectually, while enjoying outstanding opportunities for fellowship and perform charitable activities. Wherever you travel, you will find Freemasons working in soup kitchens, battered women’s shelters, food banks, and numerous other areas to serve our communities. Our services for seniors through our great Connecticut institution, Masonicare, is a model of eldercare second to none.

Please enjoy our website. If you would like more information regarding Freemasonry, please use the links above to contact us. We would be pleased to hear from you!


Rev. Bruce R. Bellmore
Most Worshipful Grand Master

Support a birthday fundraiser for Most Worshipful Grand Master Bruce Bellmore. Make a gift to The Masonic Charity Foundation in his honor – and help brighten the lives of Masonicare’s residents and patients!

Thanksgiving GreetingsAs we approach Thanksgiving this year, I would like to share a beautiful prayer with each of you:Lord God,Our hearts are crowded with gratitudeas we celebrate the feast of Thanksgiving.We have come to this our feasting tablewith great joy and eagerness,for we are truly grateful to you, our God,for all that we have been given.We pause now and, in silent prayer,do thank you for the great generosity of Your gifts.We also thank one another for gifts -especially for the gifts of love and affectionthat we have freely shared.We are thankfulfor all who are present at this our feastas well as for all those who have labored in lovein order to bring this dinner to our table.May You, our God, bless this Thanksgiving feastand all of us who shall share itin your holy name.(Hays, Edward, Prayers for the Domestic Church)On behalf of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut, the Grand Lodge Office Staff, my wife Patricia, and myself, may you each enjoy a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. ... See MoreSee Less
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Dress Code – (F) Formal, Tuxedo; (M) Formal, Morning Suit; (B) Business – jacket, tie;                   (C) Casual-Polo or collared sport shirt, khakis, or chinos