Don’t allow your Lodge to be left out in the cold this year! Plan now for the state-wide Lodge Open House Day on October 21! Now is the time to gather materials and signage, compose and send out press releases, and line up Brothers to act as hosts/tour guides. Almost every Lodge has a unique event that happened somewhere in the Lodge’s past history. Research your archives to find something of particular interest and exploit it to add a special air to your Open House event.

Practice, practice, practice! Once you’ve developed a ‘script’ for your Lodge, the Brothers who are selected to act as guides need to read and re-read the script to familiarize themselves with what it contains. On the day of the event, it’s okay for Brothers to ‘ad lib’ so long as they are providing the correct, factual information. It is common knowledge that most people tend to freeze up or become nervous when they are speaking to a group. The best antidote for that is to be well prepared. Make sure you know your facts cold! You may want to give your tour guides a ‘cheat sheet’ of bullet points to help guide their dialog and make sure they are consistent and don’t leave out anything you deem to be important. Remember, materials are available from the Grand Lodge, but procuring them now will save you time and money later. Good luck and much success on your Open House.

Prepare for Lodge Open House 2017

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